Archie Chimanayi

Clinical Specialist/Non-Medical Prescriber

Shikainah Champion

CBT Therapist

Dr Tracy Garnett
Clinical Psychologist

Jan Lampard

Integrative Therapist

Dr Joanna Seller

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Louise Oliver

Founder & Director

Chartered Psychologist

Dr Emilie Cassell

Founder & Director

Chartered Psychologist

Jude El-Mahmoud


Dr Freya Marshall

Chartered Psychologist and CBT Therapist

Dr Amy Gibbard

Counselling Psychologist

Claire Berry

Child CBT Therapist

Jamie Nureyev

Meta and Massage Therapist

Dr Zarina Prayag

Clinical Psychologist

Steve Park

Analytical Hypnotherapist

Dr Jo Jennison

Clinical Psychologist

Clinic Address

Castle House 

Park Road 




Clinic Contacts

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