Claire Alison

I’m Claire, a Psychodynamic Counsellor who also works in a very humanistic and  relational way. My belief is that for therapy to be effective, a good relationship needs to exist between client and therapist. I find that this comes with time, as trust is built.  


It is important to feel able to reflect comfortably and safely on your feelings and current life circumstances.   This can help you make sense of them and come to an  understanding of how to move forward in your life. We have all been facing a very unique time in our lives, with the Covid-19 pandemic, and this in itself will have likely been impacting your emotional responses.  


On top of that, you may have already been dealing with longstanding issues such as chronic illness, difficult relationships or low mood, depression or anxiety.   

You may have experienced a shocking life event such as a bereavement, diagnosis  of an illness, or a relationship breakup, all of which can cause a feeling of  emotional overwhelm.  


Finding the inner strength to deal with such issues alone, can be difficult,  especially as you may be currently feeling more isolated or unsupported, or perhaps disconnected from loved ones.  


Having time to talk about who you are as a person, what has shaped and impacted  you and your life, and how you can find positive ways to move forward, is the key  to renewed energy.  

Please feel free to contact me at to have an initial discussion and see whether you feel I am the right therapist for you.  


Counselling can be a profound investment into your well-being. 

Claire Alison