Dr Jo Jennison

Clinical Psychologist, Surrey

Hello, my name is Dr Jo Jennison and I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist.


I have twenty years of experience of working with adults with a wide range of mild through to complex emotional and psychological difficulties. These include low mood through to severe depression, all forms of anxiety, OCD, panic, behavioural  difficulties, trauma, PTSD, psychosis, interpersonal and relational difficulties, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). I have also worked extensively with people with learning disabilities and their families. Within the NHS I have worked in both community and acute care in-patient settings and currently work within an NHS service in Surrey for adults who have a diagnosis of ASD and complex additional mental health difficulties. 


These many years of experience with so many different people has enabled me to gain a real sense of the varied ways in which life can impact upon us all and upon our psychological and emotional well-being, and how important taking care of ourselves is.  


I offer a person centred approach, tailoring my work to each individual’s specific needs and difficulties. The therapy sessions I provide focus on working jointly with each client to help them gain greater understanding of themselves, their difficulties and what is maintaining these. The therapeutic work can then focus on increasing self-acceptance and compassion,  building upon existing strengths and coping skills and assisting in learning and practising new and additional coping strategies too.  


I am experienced in a wide range of evidence based psychological therapies including various 

cognitive behavioural (CBT) approaches, 

systemic, psychodynamic and dialectical behaviour therapy. I tend to work in what is referred to as an integrative way, in that depending on the person’s needs I will draw from my knowledge of the  various evidence based psychological approaches to provide therapy sessions which can most effectively help. My current approach is largely informed by CBT models such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Compassionate and Mindful approaches.  


My hope is to always provide therapy sessions which can be experienced as a safe, encouraging and supportive space within which individuals can feel understood and helped to cope with and overcome the emotional and psychological challenges they are facing.  


Professional Status 

  • Chartered Clinical Psychologist (British Psychological Society) 

  • Registered Clinical Psychologist (Health and Care Professions Council) 

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover 


Qualifications In Psychology 

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (South Thames, Salomons Training) 

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (British Isles DBT Training) 

  • Foundations of Family and Systemic Therapy (South West London & St George’s MH Trust and The Association for Family Therapy) 


If you would like to book an appointment,

please email enquiries@surreytherapypractice.com

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