Become an associate therapist

As a private practice we provide a professional and welcoming working space for qualified private psychologists and therapists in Surrey who are already established, or who are

newly starting out with private work. 

We believe in creating a connected group practice of high quality therapists who can offer a range of therapies for wellbeing in a high standard therapeutic environment.

Therapists and clients remain at the heart of our practice and we are passionate about offering a setting for therapists where they can grow and nurture their businesses to offer high quality wellbeing services to client.

  What we offer:

  • Supervision and support to start-up private businesses

  • Relationship with a friendly and professional group of therapists

  • Active networking between a range of different specialists

  • Opportunities for Psychology and CBT Therapy referrals (children and adults)

  • CPD group facilitated by practice managers to help therapists starting up their new practice

  • A chance to become part of a community 

  • Opportunity to advertise your services on our website

  • Practice meetings to discuss business development

Our lead practitioners Dr. Emilie Cassell and Dr. Louise Oliver, offer supervision and networking to anyone starting out or more experienced.


If you are a private psychologist or CBT therapist interested in joining Surrey Therapy Practice, please contact

We want to support therapists!

Get a copy of our Free GDPR template to use as a guide when writing your privacy notice! Click the PDFto download our ready-made easy-to-use document to help you in your private practice. 

Also, check out our Free Therapy Agreement template document to use for your private practice. Click the PDF below to download and receive our guide example!