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Dr Rebecca Underwood

Online Clinical Psychologist

It can take a huge amount of courage to reach out and ask for help and often people can feel uncertain about how asking for help will be received or worry about not being believed or taken seriously. I aim to listen to your concerns non-judgementally and with compassion to collaboratively identify areas that you wish to work on. Together, we would explore your goals, consider how parts of your life may be impacting on you and identify how to move forward in a way that feels meaningful and makes sense to you.  

My work is influenced by a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including CBT, ACT and CFT. In our work, I will tailor the approach we use to suit your needs and meet you where you are at, moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with. I understand that different people will have different wishes for therapy whether that may be wanting more practical ways to help with day to day concerns, or a space to examine and move forward emotionally from challenges that you may be facing or have faced in the past. 

Fees: £125 per session


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