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Appointment Availability

The clinicians featured below currently have appointments available. Please read the information provided to check that these appointments meet your criteria.


 If you would like to book an appointment please, complete the Surrey Therapy Practice Enquiry Form * and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

*The information you add to the form is stored securely and only viewed by the practice directors - it will not be stored longer than necessary to respond to your enquiry. 

Therapy for Adults

The following clinicians have appointments available. These include:

  • face to face and online appointments

  • all clinicians see self funded clients

  • only some see insurance funded clients (indicated below)

  • Most insurance funded appointments are on weekdays in the daytime

  • Most evening appointments are self funded

Therapy for Children

The following clinicians have appointments available. These include:

  • Face to face and online appointments

  • All clinicians see self funding clients

  • Only some see insurance funded clients (indicated below)

  • All insurance funded appointments are weekday daytimes only

  • Child psychotherapy with Liessa Callaghan is available in the evenings

  • Play therapy with Tijen O'Neil is available on Saturdays

ADHD and Autism Assessments

The following clinicians offer assessments:

  • The waiting list for Child ADHD assessments is closed for 2024

  • There may be a short wait for Adult ADHD assessments and all Autism assessments

  • Assessments can take place online or in person at the practice although some elements may need to take place in person

  • We accept insurance funding for all assessments and can help you secure it as part of the process

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