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Dr Leah Wallach

Clinical Psychologist

I am an American trained, dual citizen clinical psychologist committed to working collaboratively with my clients to help them deal with psychological, behavioural and emotional problems, build resilience and flexibility, and enhance their wellbeing and health. My work is informed by a sound understanding of basic psychological processes, training in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, over twenty years clinical experience in New York State, the NHS, nonprofit and private facilities, and a deep belief in people’s capacity to heal.  


People’s problems don’t always neatly fit in one of the categories of problems or diagnoses where treatments have been well researched. As a clinical psychologist I specialize in developing integrative formulation-based treatments for clients’ difficulties incorporating techniques from different therapeutic models. I have training in a number of specific therapies including but not limited to: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR); Schema Therapy (Jeff Young model); Action and Commitment Therapy (ACT; Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT); Emotion Focused Therapy. 


Common problems I can help with include: 

  • Excessive anxiety – about what people think about you, about specific tasks or situations, about yourself, about leaving the house, about almost anything, or just a chronic feeling of unease and dread 

  • Panic attacks 

  • Intrusive thoughts and images 

  • Feeling unable to recover from a traumatic event 

  • Feeling that you have been damaged by hurtful or threatening experiences in your childhood or youth  

  • Feeling low, hopeless, helpless, sad, irritable, and finding it difficult to motivate yourself to carry out your everyday activities 

  • Severe mood swings that make it difficult for you to do things you have to do 

  • Difficulties in relationships and connecting to others 

  • Problems with your sense of self  

  • Feeling your emotions are running out of control 

  • Difficulty controlling behaviours you want to control: for example problems with anger or aggression, with alcohol or drugs, with self harming, with repeating the same mistakes at work or in relationships over and over again 

  • Difficulty relaxing 

  • Sleep difficulties 

  • Feeling stressed 

  • Feeling stuck 

  • Vague but chronic distress and unease 

At present I am continuing to see most clients remotely.  I began providing live video therapy during COVID with some trepidation, but have been pleased to find that it has been a very effective and, for many clients, a convenient and preferred way to work. 


Professional status: 

British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow  

HPCP Registered Practitioner Psychologist  

New York State License to Practice Psychology 01329 (combined clinical-research PhD. doctorate, post doc training year, New York State qualifying examination)  


Registered with major insurance providers 

Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office


If you would like to arrange an appointment with Dr Wallah, please email:


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