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Health Anxiety

Health anxiety is a condition where an individual has consistent worries about having or potentially developing a physical illness, despite showing mild or no symptoms.

Some indicators of health anxiety include:

  • Constant worries about health

  • Frequent body checking for signs of illness, such as lumps, tingling, or pain

  • Asking others for reassurance about illness (including medical professionals)

  • Worries that medical tests may have missed something

  • Avoiding anything related to serious illness, such as medical TV

  • Behaving according to an illness, for example avoiding physical activities

Some individuals with health anxiety may fixate on a specific body part or disease of concern. Sometimes the feelings of anxiety can cause symptoms which can be mistaken for signs of illness.

Sometimes people with health anxiety can be reluctant to consider mental health treatments, as they are insistent that they have a physical condition. However, if someone with health anxiety has been medically cleared of having a physical illness, therapy is typically recommended.

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For help with Health Anxiety:

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